Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

Table of Contents 7
Introduction: Toward a Gay Science of Construction – Ilka & Andreas Ruby 10
Reduce CO2 20
Reduce CO2 – Forrest Meggers 20
Saving the Climate Saves You Money: How Buildings Can Use Energy Intelligently by Integrative Design – Amory B. Lovins 25
Architecture Isn’t Here to Stay: Toward a Reversibility of Construction – Werner Sobek 34
Going SOFT: Design Strategies for a New Materiality of Energy – Sheila Kennedy, KVA 46
The Joys of Ecolomy: How to Make Sustainability a Haven of Hedonism – Bjarke Ingels, BIG 55
EOL, COP, PVT, TABS and LowEx: How to Reduce CO2 Emissions with New Construction Technologies – Forrest Meggers, Hansjürg Leibundgut 67
Conditioning the Desert: How to Create Usable Outdoor Public Space in Masdar City – Tobias Wallisser, LAVA 84
Take On Complexity 123
Take on Complexity – Hans-Rudolf Schalcher 123
In Favor of Flow: How to Naturally Ventilate a University Campus Building in Tropical Vietnam – Kazuhiro Kojima, C+A 127
Building on Speed: Realizing the Nestlé Chocolate Museum in Ten Weeks Without Construction Documents – Michel Rojkind, Rojkind Arquitectos 134
Challenge the Standard: Reinventing Typologies and Programs for Housing and a Fire Station in Mexico City – Francisco Pardo, at103 146
The Cook, the Prospector, the Nomad and their Architect: Three Approaches to Building with Local Resources – Jeanne Gang / Studio Gang Architects 163
Buy One, Get One Free: Doubling the Space for the New Architecture School in Nantes – Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, Lacaton & Vassal Architects 175
Squaring the Circle: Building a Tower the Tirana Way – Peter Swinnen, Johan Anrys, 51N4E 188
Best Used Before: The Asian City and the Quest for a Time-specific Architecture – Minsuk Cho, Mass Studies 201
Mine the City 243
Mine the City – Ilka & Andreas Ruby 243
Re: Going Around in Circles: Regimes of Waste – Marc Angélil, Cary Siress 248
Architecture to Take Away: The Subtraction of Buildings as a New Construction Economy – Keller Easterling 265
Big Apple, Homegrown: Feeding New York in New York – Michael Sorkin 275
The Hanging Gardens of the 21st Century: Agriculture Going Urban with Vertical Farms – Dickson Despommier 286
Pimp my World: How to Construct New Environments by Re-using Old Ones – Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano, LOT-EK 296
The Vernacular Rediscovered: Applying Local Construction Technologies and Materials in Ethiopia – Dirk Hebel 310
Stimulate Stakeholders 355
Stimulate Stakeholders – Chrisna du Plessis, Holger Wallbaum 355
The Empathy Principle: Creating Biosphere Consciousness Through a Communication and Energy Revolution – Jeremy Rifkin 358
The Settler is King: How to Democratize Home Ownership with Do-it-yourself Building Techniques – Anne-Julchen Bernhardt & Jörg Leeser, BeL Associates 366
Governing the Commons in the New Millennium: A Diversity of Institutions for Natural Resource Management – Elinor Ostrom, Harini Nagendra 380
The Promise of Neza: Building a City for 1.2 Million Inhabitants One House at a Time – Jose Castillo 388
The Mexican Dream: Bottom-up Customization of Generic Tract Housing in Mexico – Livia Corona 404
Architecture without Developers: Building Groups as a Catalyst for Better Housing – Christian Roth & Sascha Zander, Zanderroth Architects 419
Sustaining what? The Discourse of Sustainability in Need of Re-invention – Cary Siress 433
An Illustrated Index of Re-inventing Construction – A to H 95
An Illustrated Index of Re-inventing Construction – H to P 217
An Illustrated Index of Re-inventing Construction – P to Z 325
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