Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

Thermal updraft creates suction similar to that of a chimney. Air passes through the room between openings on opposed sides. Tilapia fish prosper in aquacultures. Hydroponic plants are being nourished by the water that is contaminated with the effluent of the fish. Clean water is cycled back to the fish. 200x5x20 130x2,5x5 80x2,5x5 70x2,5x5 43x2,5x5 36x2,5x5 39x2,5x5 8x2,5x5 A carbon nanotube is put together with hexagonal connections between atoms. Storage Bath Bedrooms Trees within the house can move naturally. powers a turbine. Each piece sits on the back of another and carries another one on its back. The structure of Super Adobe consists of sandbags that are stacked circularly. RUBY PRESS ISBN 978-3-9813436-2-5 With an Illustrated Index Compiled by Something Fantastic and Written by Jessica Bridger Edited by Ilka & Andreas Ruby RE-INVENTING CONSTRUCTION