Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

Zollingerdach is made from two convex sections, pitched at a steep angle. This form avoids the need for interior columns or other load-bearing struc- tures to support the roof. Each convex section is made from short sections of wood set into diamond shapes, and skinned between each section. This type of roof was easy enough for house occupants to construct themselves, making it less expensive than typical roof constructions. It was invented by Friedrich Zollinger at the beginning of the 20 th century, and was inspired by his interest in gridshell structures. (  drawing 76; image 218, p. 351 ) Zollverein School: Zollverein School by SANAA in Essen, Germany, is a school built with a special “active insulation” system integral to the build- ing’s structure. The school uses  thermo-activated building components to achieve a form of insulation that works by virtue of thermal properties instead of specialized materials. The building has an outer thin concrete shell, with a system of tubes, measuring some 3000m, incorporated into the concrete outer wall which leads water through the façade. This sys- tem of tubes and outer shell, in combination with an interior wall, functions like insulation, and keeps the temperature of the interior side of the walls stable. The 28°C water is pumped into the system and up into the building from former mining shafts. This water in the mining shafts has to be pumped out anyway to avoid flooding. The active insula- tion system works independently of the build- ing’s heating, which is a conventional convection heating system, incorporated into the flooring. (  drawing 77; image 224, p. 351 ) Zollingerdach (Zollinger Roof): The Zollingerdach is a roof construction type common in Germany. It uses 40% less material than a standard roof. The Active insulation allows the facade of the building to be extremely thin. 77: Sanaa’s Zollverein School Building has a thermo-activated façade. Zollingerdach • Zollverein School About the authors: Something Fantastic is a young architectural practice committed to smart, touching, simple architecture. Its principals Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz and Leonard Streich were educated at ETH Zurich and the University of the Arts Berlin. Their book Something Fantastic – A Manifesto by Three Young Architects on Worlds, People, Cities and Houses (ISBN 978-3-9813-4361-8) was published by Ruby Press in 2010. Next to Something Fantastic Schubert, Schütz, and Streich operate a creative agency called Belgrad and are teaching at the University of the Arts Berlin. 354