Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

310 African cities are the fastest growing cities in the world today. Extrapolations show that the urban population in Africa currently doubles every 10 to 15 years. The reason for this urban population growth is high migration rates into African cities. This migration occurs on a broad scale because of two main factors. Aggra- vated conditions for agricultural production in the global market combined with local mismanagement result in food shortages and difficult conditions for even subsistence farming. Repeated local and regional conflicts deprive a continuously growing part of the rural population of their means of existence and jeopardize their security. In the hope of better living conditions, many people move into ur- ban environments. Ethiopia will be confronted with a population increase of 45 million people over the next 15 years, along with increased demand for basics like food, water, safety, and shelter in not yet existing or already overburdened urban settlements. The decades to come will certainly be formative in the further long-term develop- Mine the City The Vernacular Rediscovered Applying Local Construction Technologies and Materials in Ethiopia Dirk Hebel