Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

24 structural components to be redesigned so that raw materials can be more easily removed at the end-of-life. With this last goal of the manifesto, the paradigm shift toward design for end-of-life, we are able to account for the full impact of the building through its life- cycle, and guide all the necessary changes to reach our overall goal of zero emissions. This may seem like a lot to accomplish within our aggressive timeline, but we are not policy makers, we are just possibility mak- ers. We know what technology is available and what techniques can be implemented, and therefore we are simply stating what can be done. Hopefully, by propagating this knowledge, we can make this possibility a reality. Forrest Meggers About the author: Forrest Meggers is a researcher in the Building Systems Group at the ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr. Hansjürg Leibundgut. Meggers has a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa where he researched sustainable building design. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional and served on several committees for the USGBC. He is author of many papers on low exergy building systems. In fall 2011, he will take on the leadership role in a team of researchers to evaluate the potential of low exergy systems in hot and humid climates as a part of the Future Cities collaboration between the ETH and Singapore.