Re-inventing Construction: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2010

134 I am part of a generation of Mexican architects who complained about living in Mexico. We complained about living in a third world country, and that progres- sive architecture was impossible in Mexico. We thought our lack of a sophisticat- ed construction industry would prevent us from achieving the proper construction of our designs. However, over time I realized that it was wrong to complain, and what we have here in Mexico is something to brag about. We have good labor work, high quality labor work, and it is inexpensive in comparison to digital fabrication. Our concern is how to make complex architecture happen with the regular budget for a simple building, and in our context. That is the give and take: the place where our office has expertise. I’m an architect who began by doing construction and I’m grateful I started that way. If I design a building I should also understand how it is going to be built. It has to go hand in hand, the architecture and the construction. I know a lot of architects who design and have no idea how to build what they design. If TAKE ON COMPLEXITY Building on Speed Realizing the Nestlé Chocolate Museum in Ten Weeks Without Construction Documents Michel Rojkind / rojkind arquitectos