6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

220 The design for the Atlassian Central building in Sydney, positions the project as a game-changer for buildings that pursue low-energy and high-comfort performance. Located adjacent to Central Station and supporting 4,000 jobs, the 39-storey tower will be a fitting gateway to the Sydney Innovation & Technology Precinct and is sensitively inserted into the historic fabric of the city. The project targets a 50% carbon reduction compared to typical contemporary constructions, through the combination of a low-embodied energy structure and a highly efficient environmental performance during the operation of the building. The design gravitates around a structural system and spatial organization that is highly noteworthy due to its degree of integration. Using a concrete core for stability and a steel frame exoskeleton, the tower takes shape from the repetition of eight independent 4 to 7 floor timber (Glulam) units conceived as independent “sky neighborhoods”. The high-rise structure takes advantage of the mild climate of the city to deploy an energy-efficient system that balances a naturally ventilated enclosure with a strategic use of mechanical air-handling zones. Each neighborhood Holcim Awards Gold 2014 Asia Pacific High-performance Tower Energy-efficient urban high-rise Sydney, Australia Br nze 2020 Asia Pac fic Global Holcim Awards Commendation update pages 47 and 256