Stacked in Canada

MONAD Platforms/for/Life allows transferability to multiple sites and the making of a socially viable environment. Adaptable Medium-Density Housing for Sustainable and Affordable Communities Many North American cities are facing an unprecedented housing and affordability crises. We initiated "Platforms/for/Life" 15 years ago, as an integrated adaptable mixed-use urban housing platform for sustainable communities. With a primary focus on people, to accommodate the evolving needs of individuals, families, and communities, it is conceived to provide sufficient flexibility to empower communities to invent their future. Parametrically driven, the approach is based on choice, adaptability and participatory design. It is designed to activate urban residual density through the insertion of mixed-use, mid-rise buildings. The platform presents a unique combination of design typology and cluster-based systems technology, capable to simultaneously offer high-quality livability, integrated living communities, Passive House/ Net Zero certification and renewable resource-based sustainability AND affordability. Modular Midrise Housing STACKED PEOPLE – URBAN LIVABILITY AND EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES Conceived with a primary focus on people’s needs and desires for high quality urban livability and socially sustainable communities. PLANET + ECOSYSTEMS TOWARDS CARBON NEUTRALITY Carbon neutrality is created in a balance of a substantially lowered embodied and operational carbon footprint, using renewable and carbon sequestering mass-timber material with high-performance Passive House compliance. PROGRESS + INNOVATION PLATFORMS/FOR/LIFE Monad Platforms/for/Life is a fully integrated generative housing systems platform technology using timber based, adaptable, software- driven modular prefabrication. PROSPERITY – INNOVATION AND AFFORDABILITY The need for affordable sustainable housing solutions permeates all aspects of the platform technology, from innovation for livable compactness, to shared amenities, off-site prefabrication efficiencies, lower construction cost, low operational cost, material economy, and adjacency to available urban infrastructure. PLACE – DESIGN The proposal buildings create urban densification through aggregation with the possibility to create a rich variety of designs and contextual responsiveness from one shared platform for mixed-use buildings. The Urban Living Crisis Isolation Uniformity Sprawl Sustainability Green House Gas Emissions Lack of Renewable Resources Lack of Affordability Development & Construction Industry One Off Design Lack of Innovation Bespoke Construction MONAD: Achieving communities that thrive. Critical Issues & Challenges In many ways, the commissioned buildings are understood as one project. MONAD Rupert has a focus on tight scale urban infill while MONAD CorvetteLanding is a 12-storey timber building in a high seismic zone. They share all major components enabling further development of a consistent yet highly adaptable building system, for communities with long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are at the beginning of a revolution in the way we will live in cities, and how we design and build for them. Technology has revolutionized how we communicate and access knowledge. In combination with design, it has the power to transform our industry and more importantly, society to be more equitable and sustainable. Platforms/for/Life is beginning to break down resistance in an industry hostile to innovation. We greatly appreciate the immense vision and support of the LafargeHolcim Foundation to advance this award program. The Missing Middle From Sprawl to Medium-Density Neighbourhoods Low-density High-density residential towers Current North American residential construction is dominated by two housing types: high-rise concrete and low-rise sprawl. What’s needed is community densification. Platforms/for/Life bring significant density and micro communities to urban infill sites, as small as a single family house lots, providing an alternative scale of medium density development. Platforms/for/Life are designed to create transitional massing to mediate scale while catalyzing community. 1 Medium-density residential mid-rise