Logistics Framework in Belgium

URBAN BODY The canal area is primarily an economic player. Nevertheless, it could also be viewed as an urban body. The canal area, which cuts through the urban agglomeration could be regarded as a vast urban landscape, and as a backdrop to the city where activity is proudly on show. CANAL SPACE The canal is not just a shape. It is also a space – a sizeable space that stretches 100 to 150 metres between the façades of the canal. For this reason, the façade overlooking the “canal space” is an important façade. More than other buildings in the city, those overlooking the canal space have the opportunity to showcase themselves. The horizontal roof slab connects various activities that characterise NET Brussel and contribute to the company’s identity (see also “PEOPLE”). The façade also frames the view to the heart of the building: the forest, which also functions as a connecting element between the various programmatic sections. THE FOREST AS AN EMBLEM The forest is an emblematic image that promotes the “corporate identity” of NET Brussel as an ecological player in the city’s metabolism. The forest is an iconic image for a key player such as NET Brussel, which works day in day out to fit the waste flows of the city into a circular system of breaking down and building up, as nature itself does. MACHINE A TRAVAILLER The building is designed as a rational machine. The orthotropic shape of the waffled roof structure is appropriate to bridge larage spans. The size of the compartments of the waffle (3.5m x 3.5m) and the 45º degree angle are appropriate for efficient parking. The merging of all functional requirements results in the shape of the machine. The concrete structure is the building’s finishing. It determines the shape and look of the building: functional, robust and without frills. The image of the structure is strong and coherent enough to survive future changes to the building’s purpose. INDUSTRIAL THEATRE With a view of the central green, the transparency of its internal workings, its fascinating structural rhythms, its waterside images by night and its sequences of spaces with typical logistic activities, the building of the cleaning department of NET Brussel could serve as a model for a new urban industry. In addition to serving a purely logistical purpose, the building is also capable of creating added value for the neighbourhood and stirring the imagination of public opinion through the display of its own activities. The waste collectors are latent actors and the visible activities of the company create a sense of permanent theatre. This added value for the neighbourhood is created without having an adverse impact on the functioning of the company. 04 PLACE GLOBAL LAFARGEHOLCIM AWARDS 2018 TETRA architecten LOGISTICS FRAMEWORK Adaptable structure for a garbage collection company Mouton cvba Boydens nv ARA bvba Structural engineering: Technical engineering: Landscape: 1. public park 2. indoor truck parking 3. truck check-up zone 4. entrance 5. stockroom 6. offices 7. toilets 8. technical rooms 9. refectory 10. offices 11. technical room 12. bicycle stands 1. recreation space 2. dressing & shower rooms men 3. dressing & shower rooms women 4. technical room 5. storage 6. outside corridor 7. connection to the park 1. truck parking 2. outside storage 3. tribune 4. public sports park 2. 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 2. 1. 3. 4. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 7. 9. 10. 11. 12. LEVEL 0 1m 5m 10m 20m LEVEL +1 1m 5m 10m 20m ROOFPLAN 1m 5m 10m 20m