Grassroots Microgrid in Michigan, USA

THE SEEBALDT PILOT [TSP] AW17-HXL SECURE STABILIZE SUSTAINABLY GROW The Seebaldt Pilot (TSP) emerged from years of co-production, intense modesofintellectualandemotionalinvestment,investigationsofdesign, scalability and replicability of Hybridized Net Zero Energy (HNZE) infrastructure in Detroit/48204. Since March 2017, in addition to being honored by LHF, we were also awarded one of 38 Solar in your Community grants from the US Department of Energy (DoE). TSP is one of 35 nationwide Solar in Your Community projects selected for full funding and technical assistance by the DoE SunShot initiative. TSP will implement a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district in Detroit/48204 serving Low and Moderate Income (LMI) households. Through a 4-year partnership between studio[Ci] and It Starts at Home (IS@H), we first created a consensus neighborhood vision to “secure, stabilize and sustainably grow” 48204. The HEIRS Strategic Neighborhood Design Framework addresses infrastructure (energy, water, food, waste, and mobility) and renewable systems (workforce development, empowerment, education, culture, economic development). Eventually, the 48204 NZE district will be anchored by a Community Center providing needed services as the “seed” or epicenter of a larger NZE infrastructure and collectively owned distributed generation system. The Seebaldt Pilot is based on acquisition and use of concentrations of vacant parcels along Maplewood, Ironwood, and Beechwood - the “Energy Avenues” - for solar and geothermal energy generation and water management. TSP goals include: • Stabilization and Sustainability of Land and Housing Infrastructure; • Reduction of Energy Costs; • Water management; • Food Production; • Waste Reduction; • Public Realm and Mobility Enhancements. To test and prove our concept and achieve transformative change, in fall 2017, we purchased 5005 Seebaldt – a corner lot that is ideal for accessibility and engagement. We have since held several community events there, and recently built a HNZE prototype module. We are currently in the process of interconnection, commissioning, and monitoring. Eventually, each 18-Module Hybridized Net Zero Energy (HNZE) Canopy (now US patent pending) covers 22m x 8m. TSP creates public realm and will initially allow LMI residents in the 48204 neighborhoods to have access to the project and its benefits. Four such canopies, located along Seebaldt on dispersed vacant parcels, will proved the DoE’s required 100kW by end 2018. Community engagement: in partnership with IS@H, studio[Ci] has adopted and advanced a strategy and method which is both inti- mate and consistent. We hold quarterly community meetings and events in 48204; Monthly TSP resident meetings; and have created a TSP Newsletter – 48204 News - and Data Base. Further, through the IS@H’s board up program, we have trained and employed three formerly unemployed residents in daily work on the boarding up of vacant homes in 48204. Grassroots Microgrid: TIREMAN BUS LINE McGHEE FAMILY BLUE BIRD INN KRONK RECREATION CENTER IT STARTS AT HOME