Fifth LafargeHolcim Awards

53 Project appraisal by the Global LafargeHolcim Awards jury This project fulfills every point outlined in the “target issues” promoted by the Foundation, but the jury was left won- dering what else it achieves, where its innovation lies, or what it does espe- cially well. The jury appreciated the showing of the community in action, incorporating all the functions that would ultimately lead to the neigh- borhood center. The vision presented, however, made the jury question the need of a more monumental commu- nity center in the midst of Paraisópolis. Some concern was also raised that the execution of the project would poten- tially have a gentrifying influence on Incorporating all the functions of a neighborhood center the neighborhood, uprooting the very citizens the design intends to serve. The jury ultimately finds the temporary proposal that accomplishes community building with a simpler, less materially intense architecture more compelling. The incremental, lighter approach is more engaging to the jury and seems to better align with the authors’ idea of building community through building structures. The jury recommends that further development of the project nur- ture the qualities of the existing. Initial project submission page 184.