Air Rights in the United Kingdom

©ZEDpods Ltd. All rights reserved. TM Air Rights: Zero (fossil) Energy Development that build communities without buying land ZEDpod at BRE (Building Research Establishment) Innovation Park, UK Single Pod floor plans Double Pod floor plans Solar powered car pool with charging points Accommodations (Pods) Raised amenity area provides a ‘centralised‘ open space, that is intended to be shared by occupants Communal space under the solar canopy Integrated rainwater storage tanks Batteries Bin stores ZEDroof system generate electricity Solar powered electric bike pool with charging points ZEDpods are innovative highly energy efficient micro-homes. Intended as truly affordable first homes for young professionals and key workers the idea centres on providing homes without using land already allocated for development. ZEDpods achieve this by erecting over car parks whilst retaining the parking spaces below. In this way, the costs are lowered in comparison to purchasing land and building traditional construction on standard foundations. Manufactured using high levels of insulation, vapour permeable air tight construction, heat recovery ventilation, aluminium clad triple glazing, hot dip galvanised structural frame with timber infill panels and external insulation the pods are built to higher standards than conventional homes. The external envelope is designed to be around 20 years to first maintenance and is constructed from fireproof, durable and robust materials. This unique kit of parts concept that are manufactured off-site, assembled in a local factory environment and delivered to site where they erected in a matter of days with a forklift. This ‘pop-up assembly’ can be set up locally to meet housing demand and create local employment. We can build high volumes with parallel production facilities throughout the UK. Currently one of our kits can be assembled off site in a week. A single ZEDpod is one parking bay wide and two parking bays long, and has its own front door, kitchen, wetroom, living room, bedroom and private balcony. ZEDpods can be arranged to create a terrace, and these in turn, can be grouped forming a communal area in between them. Furthermore, by combining the ZEDpods with raised amenity spaces a ‘pop-up’ village can be established. The POD is assembled in a locally set up factory. Prefabricated timber framed panels, sheathed with OSB and a proprietary self-adhesive air tightness membrane, are used to infill the galvanized steel frame structure. Internally the panels are filled with mineral wool insulation and lined with a finishing board. Externally this hybrid structure is wrapped with wood fibre insulation boards detailed to reduce cold bridges thus further improving the overall thermal performance of the wall. The same concept is used to assemble the floors and ceilings for both habitable sections of the POD, the lower and the upper storeys. The POD can be clad in different materials, such as timber or cement boards. Triple glazed, ‘Low-e’, aluminium clad windows are the final component which defines the very energy efficient building envelope. This, combined with low air tightness levels (1.3ACH @ 50Pa) and a 80% efficient MVHR mean that very little heat is necessary to ensure adequate levels of comfort. Second floor GIA: 30.7m 2 First floor GIA: 29.3m 2 Front door Access deck Living space Study desk Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 5355mm 6560mm 4460mm 4460mm Bathroom Kitchen Toilet Dinning table Storage under stairs Balcony Hot water cylinder Second floor GIA: 17.53m 2 800mm First floor GIA: 20.61m 2 Front door Access deck Living space Study desk Bedroom 7920mm 6611mm 3100mm 3100mm E-bike storage Void Walk-in wardrobe Bathroom Hot water cylinder Kitchen Dinning table Storage under stairs Balcony Open plan kitchen and living space Double height space Bedroomwith study desk Bathroom ZEDpod isometric diagram AW17-CDRNQ_A0.indd 1 30/01/2018 11:20:40