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WATER RESERVOIR PARK ORFELINATO WRP NUTIVARA WRP CASTILLA WRP ALTA VISTA WRP ALMERIA WRP SAN CRISTOBAL WRP MOSCU WRP VERSALLES (WRP) WATER RESERVOIR PARKS = (UVA) UNIDAD DE VIDA ARTICULADA (UVA) UNIDAD DE VIDA ARTICULADA Versalles Water Reservoir Park Tablaza Water Reservoir Park Santo Domingo Water Reservoir Park Santa Elena Water Reservoir Park Moscu Water Reservoir Park Existing Water reservoirs Project WRP (Water Reservoir Park) Identified area of opportunity Use of existing Water reservoirs Projects that articulate the Urban Fabric Context articulation Generation of Public space Population recognition Articulation of several urban sectors Disconnection Articulation | Facilities WRP (Water Reservoir Parks) Social dynamics Identification. Participative design which identifies population’s needs. Attention to the population’s needs Water Reservoir Water Reservoir Parks Articulating process 01 02 03 Areas of Opportunity Orfelinato Water Reservoir Park Mountain Range Main hills Medellin River Centrality Facility City Limits UVA Orfelinato UVAs Mountain Range Main hills Medellin River Network City Limits UVA Orfelinato UVAs Mountain Range Main hills Public space Medellin River Brook City limits WRP WRP: Water Reservoir Park INTAKE DEBRIS REMOVAL WATER TREATMENT DISTRIBUTION STORAGE WATER RESERVOIR WATER RESERVOIR WATER RESERVOIR WATER WASTE STREET LIGHTING INTENSITY 1000 Mh 400 Na 250 Na 150 Na 70 Na 0 STREET LIGHTING TEMPERATURE 3800 - 4000 °K 2000 - 3400 °K Poor street lighting AREAS OF OPPORTUNITY WRP Viewpoints (WRP) WATER RESERVOIR PARKS WRP WRP: Orfelinato SISTEMA ESTRUCTURANTE EQUIPAMIENTOS Y CENTRALIDADES Escala urbana SISTEMA ESTRUCTURANTE MOVILIDAD Escala urbana SISTEMA ESTRUCTURANTE AMBIENTAL Y E. PÚBLICO Escala urbana LOCATION Medellin | Antioquia Colombia URBAN STRUCTURE FACILITIES AND URBAN CENTRALITIES Urban Scale URBAN STRUCTURE NETWORK Urban Scale URBAN STRUCTURE ENVIRONMENTAL AND PUBLIC SPACE Urban Scale MASTER PLAN WATER RESERVOIR SYSTEM Integration of water, light and the city landscape to accentuate the place identity and become an urban landmark. GOVERNMENT POLICY SOCIETY INFRASTRUCTURE ENVIRONMENT PUBLIC SAFETY ORGANIZATIONS GATHER DATA AND DELIVER IN REAL TIME TO GENERATE EFFECTIVE RESPONSE. GOVERNMENT AND ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS MEET WITH DATA PROVIDED IN REAL TIME TO GENERATE EFFECTIVE RESPONSE. URBANISM INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT WITH SENSORS FOR DATA GATHERING. EDUCATION INFRASTRUCTURE RENEWAL AND ALLOCATION OF TECHNOLOGY. HEALTH CONFERENCES IN REAL TIME, FASTER ATTENTION TO USERS DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION AND TRAINING . SOCIAL PROGRAMS EFFICIENT, EASY ACCESS TO ALL INFORMATION TO ENSURE INCLUSION. PUBLIC TRANSPORT SAFER AND CLEANER EFFICIENT TRANSPORT. PUBLIC SERVICES COMMUNICATION NETWORKS TO UNDERSTAND THE DEMAND AND EFFECTIVELY CONTROL THE USE OF RESOURCES. EFFICIENCY OPTIMIZATION OF OPERATIONS TO MINIMIZE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. INNOVATION ENTREPRENEURS AND INVESTORS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SOLUTIONS AND BUSINESS MODELS. PRODUCTIVITY EFFICIENT ENERGY CONSUMPTION. NETWORK DEVELOPMENT GENERATION BETWEEN REGIONS. WRP | UVA Orfelinato PROJECT. WATER RESERVOIR PARKS PROJECT. UVA (UNIDAD DE VIDA ARTICULADA) What are Water Reservoirs? They are fundamental elements of a water supply system that balance the flow in demand, adapting their size to the population’s use. Their main feature, aside of being part of the public domain, is their strategic location in order to supply a bast extent. They could either be built underground, elevated or above surface. Each tank supplies 130,540 people on average, reaching various areas of the region. What are WRP (Water Reservoirs Parks) / UVA (Unidad de Vida Articulada)? They are public buildings situated on Potable Water Reservoirs of Medellin designed to be urban catalysts for change by encouraging citizen encounter with technology, recreation, sports and culture facilities. The WRP articulate the urban tissue with facilities that adapt their program to the local needs, thereby emerging as district landmarks. This program shifts closed property into public space, establishing a collective space for new opportunities and social inclusion.