Fourth Holcim Awards

123 The jury awarded the first prize in the “Next Generation” category for Europe to a group of young architects from Spain who submit- ted a range of excellent projects planned for Pujaire and Roquetas de Mar in Almería in southeast Spain, and also in Madrid. The individual entries made it to the last round of jury deliberations and were all deemed exceptional both in terms of content and form. In these unusual circumstances, the prize was conferred to a collection of projects by the group of designers rather than to a single project. Of significance in this regard is the group’s name “Designs for Architectural Territories” (DAT) which is more than a simple designation of an architectural collaborative, but stands for a program of action – where architectural design is a method to raise and potentially solve societal deficiencies. Pictured project authors: Héctor Muñoz, Ignacio Taus, Ricardo Mayor and Hani Jaber, DAT Pangea, Madrid, Spain. Project appraisal by Holcim Awards jury Europe The design propositions aim for a dialog between architecture and politics, taking key social problems into consideration while offering appropriate design solutions to address specific issues at hand. The projects tackle, for example, the devastating social conditions of workers in the agricultural sector in the region of Almería in southeast Spain and the lack of public parks in cities and towns throughout the region. Similarly, measures are offered to improve the role of public spaces in neighborhoods in the city of Madrid. Considering the shared spirit of the group, the jury strongly recommends an equal sharing of the prize awarded to the team.