Foundations 15

Foundations 15 1
Economy of Sustainable Construction: 4th International Holcim Forum – Mumbai 2013 1
Mumbai: City of contradictions and of opportunities 4
Hosts of the Forum 6
Economy of Sustainable Construction: Sustainability pays off 8
Keynote by Sir David Chipperfield: The importance of cumulative, organic, and emotional qualities 10
Keynote by Lucas Bretschger: “Yes, we should care about this” 16
Keynote by Alejandro Aravena: Why is common sense so uncommon? 22
Keynote by Brinda Somaya: Local thinking 28
Global commitment 34
Participants 38
Expert workshops 42
Yellow Workshop: Local resources – Leveraging regional skills and metabolism 44
Yellow Mobile Workshop 46
Blue Workshop: Retained diversity – Maintaining strengths while upgrading informal habitats 48
Blue Mobile Workshop 50
Green Workshop: Compact city – Sustainable or just sustaining economic law? 52
Green Mobile Workshop 54
Orange Workshop: Overall value – Harnessing all benefits from sustainable construction 56
Orange Mobile Workshop 58
Concluding debate 60
Encounters: Global networking 66
Student Poster competition: Exchange between the generations 72