Foundations 9

Foundations 9 Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction The second regional Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction have been presented. At ceremonies in Madrid, Montreal, Mexico City, Marrakech, and New Delhi, the best 52 of about 5,000 submitted construction projects and visions for a sustainable future were recognized. A total of 1,680 guests attended the five two-day events. The highlight of the first day of each event was the ceremony. On the second day excursions to local examples of sustainable construction were conducted. The program offered a variety of opportunities to make new contacts and talk with customers and other key stakeholders. The host Group companies displayed great dedication and helped frame the events in the best possible light. The events reinforced the reputation of Holcim as a competent partner and strengthened the image of the Group as one that is strongly committed to sustainability. Many Group companies are now conducting follow-up events with Awards winners: the potential generated by the Holcim Awards as a networking platform is impressive. Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for employees of the Holcim Group December 2008 6 Europe: A fitting start 8 North America: Captivating show 10 Latin America: Temperament and style 12 Africa Middle East: A colorful event 14 Asia Pacific: Worthy conclusion Engaging ceremonies – deserving winners A competition that spans the globe: Ashok B. Lall, head of the jury for Asia Pacific, at the Awards ceremony in New Delhi.