Foundations 8

Foundations 8 Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Even the greatest expectations were exceeded. In the second cycle of the Holcim Awards competition, architects, engineers, planners and students from over 90 countries submitted a total of 4774 construction projects and visions designed to prompt the different responses needed to make such a future achievable. That’s over 50 percent more entries than in the first competition cycle held three years ago. Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for employees of the Holcim Group April 2008 Holcim Awards 2008: 5000 ideas for a more sustainable future 10 An urban imprint 5 What’s next? 8 Sleepless in Berlin “We are greatly pleased that the Holcim Awards competition has already become so well established,” says Markus Akermann. The CEO of Holcim is also Chairman of the Management Board of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, which conducts the design competition for regional and global Holcim Awards. “The great success proves that sustainable construction is gradually becoming an established concept – to the benefit of everyone.” But now the regional juries face an extremely challenging task. From a multitude of compelling projects, they must identify the best entries to determine the winners of prize money totaling two million USD.