Foundations 6

Foundations 6 Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction The Holcim Foundation took on a distinct profile during the first 3-year cycle – and continues to develop, promoting sustainable construction worldwide at a high level. The first Holcim Awards competition is over. The first Holcim Forum has been successfully conducted, 3 books published, and uncounted reports about the Foundation have appeared. In all its activities, the Holcim Foundation will continue to be led by its target issues for sustainable construction. What these criteria mean in concrete terms is explained and illustrated by the new book Office building in Costa Rica – Measuring up to the criteria of sustainable construction , which is enclosed as a supplement to this issue of “Founda- tions” (see page 20). Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for employees of the Holcim Group November 2006 17 First cycle: Commemorative book on global sustainable construction 2 Muhammad Yunus: Nobel Peace Prize for Advisory Board member 13 Holcim Awards: Group companies maintaining the momentum The youthful face of Rio de Janeiro – building sustainability into cities is a critical requirement in growth regions of Latin America and beyond – and the theme of the next Holcim Forum (see page 10). Photo: Gianni Antenna