Foundations 5

Foundations 5 Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction The first cycle of the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction came to a furious finale in the Thai capital city of Bangkok – with a colorful fireworks display, many smiling winners, and 700 enthusiastic guests from over 50 countries. Two global Holcim Awards Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze Award were presented for construction projects in Venezuela, Germany, Italy and Canada. The four winning projects cover the entire spectrum of sustainable con- struction and impressively demonstrate the quality of the competition, in which originally over 3,000 projects were submitted from around the world. The Awards ceremony was the biggest event that the Holcim Foundation has ever held. Hundreds of people – many of them employees from Siam City Cement, the Holcim Group company in Thailand – contributed to making “Bangkok 2006” an unforgettable experience. Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for employees of the Holcim Group May 2006 2 All about the global Awards ceremony and winners. 7 Markus Akermann: Awards part of a bigger picture. 10 Introduction and site visit: New Bangkok airport. 12 Project appraisal by the global Holcim Awards jury. “Bangkok 2006”: Culmination of first Awards The long-awaited celebration: Fireworks at the global Holcim Awards ceremony light up the night sky of Bangkok – as an illuminated barge featuring the famous Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro passes by.