Foundations 3

Foundations 3 Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Entries for the first Holcim Awards competition must be finalized only a few weeks' time. In an interview given on the side of a meeting with the partner universities, Marc Angélil (below, right) and Benno Hossbach take stock for the first time. ETH professor Angélil is an architect and member of the Board of the Holcim Foundation and its Technical Competence Center, while Benno Hossbach is responsible for the technical side of the competition with his Berlin-based company [phase eins]. “Foundations”: Since November 2004, interested parties from around the world have been able to find out about the competition and submit their projects on What is the level of interest? Benno Hossbach: It's too early to come up with a quantitative figure, because experience shows that with competitions like this most projects only get submitted just before the deadline. There is nevertheless an interesting aspect to this: we can monitor exactly who is looking at the posting on the Newspaper of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction for employees of the Holcim Group February 2005 3 Inspiring next generation: student posters on tour 16 Regional Awards closing: Ready for next steps 4 Partner universities agree on the appraisal procedure Cooperation is a real pioneering achievement