The Materials Book

Screw It, Don’t Glue It: Prepare for disaster by choosing simple materials that can easily be reassembled A big part of sustainability is anticipating the kinds of damage your building might endure —especially in seismic areas—so it’s smart to avoid products that will be difficult to find or replace when something breaks. That means using reliable building materials and avoiding glues. Since things that are glued together are often impossible to separate, in case of damage you may end up having to replace far more than the elements needing repair. The 57-story Torre Reforma in Mexico City did not use any glues but instead screwable pedestals as a floor system and polished concrete walls in all interiors. 382 Example: DPH pedestals from recycled polypropylene, by Buzon, seen in Torre Reforma, Mexico City Contributed by: Benjamín Romano (LBR&A), Mexico