The Materials Book

Build with Mushrooms: Bricks made from agricultural waste offer a possible alternative to styrofoam Mycelium brick is a compostable building material cultivated from agricultural waste. With the rootlike structure of mushrooms, it can be grown into almost any form, and when dried can be used as a water-, mold-, and fire- resistant building material. With a compressive strength of about 30 psi—less than 1 percent of what concrete typically has—it cannot replace concrete in traditional buildings. But it weighs about 8% of concrete, and it suggests new possibilities for lightweight sustainable structures. It also insulates well, and it can serve as an alternative to oil-based insulation. 368 Example: Mycelium brick by The Living, Ecovative, Arup, and Big Compost, seen in MoMA PS1 Pavilion, New York Contributed by: David Benjamin (The Living), USA