The Materials Book

No Mortar? No Worries: Interlocking bricks can create durable structures from recycled content Waste-based bricks are rooted in the simple idea that only a small percentage of the ingredients in bricks have to be new clay while the rest can be recycled mineral construction waste. The “UMAR brick” pushes the concept one step further: it has an interlocking system that makes waste-based bricks reusable when a structure is demolished. This means they can be reassembled into walls without mortar or glue. Instead, the bricks are laid “dry” and are post-tensioned by steel rods for structural strength. Example: Waste-based bricks developed by StoneCycling with KIT Karlsruhe, seen in the UMAR unit at Empa NEST, Dübendorf, Switzerland Contributed by: 2hs Architekten und Ingenieur PartGmbB, Germany 356