The Materials Book

Marble Made of Yogurt Pots: A Welsh company produces high-end surfaces from recycled plastics As long as polymers such as HDPE and PET are sorted and separated, recycling them isn’t difficult, but they typically yield fairly humdrum stuff. Smile Plastics in the Welsh city of Swansea has developed a series of materials—each based on a single recycled product—that can serve as countertops, wall coverings, and tiles evocative of high-end natural surfaces such as granite or travertine. The mostly white Alba is made from yogurt pots. Multicolored Kaleido consists of plastic bottles of various hues. Black Dapple, made from chopped-up cutting boards, was used in a bathroom at NEST Dübendorf, where it earned the nickname “Dübendorf Marble.” Example: Black Dapple by Smile Plastics, seen in the UMAR unit at Empa NEST in Dübendorf, Switzerland Contributed by: 2hs Architekten und Ingenieur PartGmbB, Germany 344