The Materials Book

332 Reconsidering a Classic Shape: A waterproofing system helped in the construction of light, pitched roofs The September 2017 earthquake that hit central Mexico sparked an urgent need for lightweight materials that could be quickly deployed and wouldn’t stress existing structures that may not have been designed to handle extra weight. One solution was a pitched roof made from reused timber beams and panels, which was covered with a waterproofing film to keep the weight down. This solution provided shelter for people who desperately needed it. And the roof’s shape—uncommon in this area—prevents illegal extensions, a major factor in collapsed buildings during earthquakes. Example: Uniplas Modi waterproofing system by Imperquimia, seen in housing reconstruction in San Gregorio Atlapulco, Xochimilco, Mexico City Contributed by: Loreta Castro Reguera and José Pablo Ambrosi (Taller Capital), Mexico