The Materials Book

Optimize at the Factory: Prefabricated elements help reduce consumption of concrete While most big building projects rely on concrete poured at the site, prefabricated concrete elements can help dramatically reduce the amount of material that gets used. That’s because it’s hard to plan and build close to the structurally necessary minimum, so most builders simply use too much stuff. Prefabricated elements, by contrast, can more easily be optimized to meet a project’s true structural needs, especially for low- cost buildings. They use less concrete, so they’re lighter. And because they’re easy to install they allow for tight, reliable scheduling. The product presented here is just one example. Similar materials are available almost everywhere, and the closer the producer is situated to the building, the more efficient their use. Example: Prefabricated structural concrete elements from Allton /HV Fertigteile, seen in Waldenserstraße 25, Berlin Contributed by: FAR frohn&rojas, Germany 316