The Materials Book

264 On-site concrete plant: The dosage of the components is controlled precisely in a remote control booth. The composition can be changed via verbal communication by the team working on the slab. supervising; factors related to the social and economic context could affect the quality, and these factors need to be studied in combination with technical factors to define the right response. Nevertheless, it is clear that formal education is an important element, while equipment and cost are minor. This then raises the question of whether technology and knowledge are growing adversely. When looking at the Pantheon in Rome, built with comparatively limited technology but still standing today, knowledge appears to be a deciding factor when it comes to the durability of concrete. New construction technologies must grow with the knowledge of the end users and should be robust enough to adapt to the field conditions. If this doesn’t happen, the threat to human life will only increase with urbanization, and the case study in Haiti is an illustrative example.