The Materials Book

252 for the United Kingdom by shaping structures to resist the loads applied to them and no more. Simply adding “and no more” to design codes and procurement documents could have significant benefits. Not only do overdesigned structures emit more carbon dioxide than necessary, they require more deliveries, meaning more air pollution and traffic accidents. Changing processes to put material efficiency and positive social impacts at the heart of design will have benefits well beyond any single project. MaGIC thinking demonstrates how small changes can make a big difference. Cutting cement production in China by just 10 percent would have a bigger effect on global CO 2 emissions than ceasing cement production in all of Europe. Such low-hanging fruit are found on a pathway toward being “more good” and not just “less bad,” recognizing that time is of the essence and change is required now. Changing to performance-led design could mean 30 percent fewer concrete trucks, reducing bronchial health problems from pollution in our cities.