Basic Needs: Proceedings of the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction 2004

tion. We hope to inspire every player in the supply chain to demand and invest in such solutions. The Foundation therefore invests a good part of its resources in its Awards program for sustainable construction projects. The Holcim Awards will be held in regular cycles. The Awards recognize outstanding projects that exhibit the multi-faceted attributes of sustainable construction. The first series of regional Awards ceremonies will be held in 2005 and the first global Awards will be conferred in 2006. Our approach is not dogmatic or static. We welcome dialogue, the sharing of different viewpoints and the exploration of new ideas. The Forum is not only for professionals but for the next generation of architects and builders. It helps us all assess our situation and discuss our progress in sustainable construction – not only technical progress but institutional and public policy development in many cultural and regional contexts. This issue is of long-term strategic importance to the core business of Holcim. Holcim’s vision is to provide foundations for society's future. We want to support growth – and sustainable livelihoods – in the regions where we work and invest. We do not have all the answers to strike a balance among economic growth, resource effi- ciency, and social equity. But we do believe that only those who seek solutions will succeed in the long term. We also firmly believe in the value of discourse and learning from each other. In this respect the Forum was an exciting first step for us. This publication should help us all deepen the dialogue, strengthen the partnerships, and achieve tangible innovation and progress. Markus Akermann 15