Global design competitions: shaping a sustainable future /construire un avenir durable

LafargeHolcim Awards 62 All in a day’s work: Day labor station, San Francisco, USA. Winners: Liz Ogbu & John Peterson, USA (2009). Articulated site: Water reservoirs as public park, Medellín, Colombia. Winners: Mario Camargo & Luis Tombé, Colombia (2015). Cooling roof: Evaporative roof, Cherry Valley, CA, USA. Winner: Georgina Baronian, USA (2018). Efficient fabrication: Geometrically complex building elements, UK. Winners: Team Cepaitis, Enrique, Ordoñez, Piles, UK (2012). Finding the music: Civic infrastructure hub, São Paulo, Brazil. Winners: Alfredo Brillembourg & Hubert Klumpner, Switzerland (2012). Grass roots: Benny Farm, Montreal, Canada. Winner: Daniel S. Pearl, Canada (2006). Grassroots microgrid: Community-driven neighborhood planning, Detroit, USA. Winner: Constance Bodurow, USA (2018). High-efficiency: Concrete formwork technology, Zurich, Switzerland. Winners: Gramazio & Kohler, Switzerland (2012). Hydropuncture: Water retention and treatment complex, Mexico City. Winners: Loreta Castro Reguera & Manuel Perló, Mexico (2018). Legacy restored: Religious and secular complex, Dandaji, Niger. Winners: Yasaman Esmaili, Iran &Mariam Kamara, Niger (2018). Light eyes: Main station Stuttgart, Germany. Winner: Christoph Ingenhoven, Germany (2006). Global LafargeHolcim Awards laureates Lauréats des Global LafargeHolcim Awards