Global design competitions: shaping a sustainable future /construir un futuro sustentable

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui: What impact have the LafargeHolcim Awards had on your project? Loreta Castro Reguera: Winning the LafargeHolcim Awards Gold 2017 for Latin America gave an unprecedented impulse to our project. Lobbying for its development meant walking an arduous path. In early 2017, with a project that was going through the process of revision from the government side, we decided to apply for the LafargeHolcim Awards. We were really excited and surprised when, seven months later, we learned about our Gold Award. It was the first time in which the work of five years was recognised and used as an example of the immense effects that good design can produce in creating more sustainable and liveable cities. The prize was our incentive to promote an important Urban catalyst The issue of water management, particularly in underequipped urban areas, is a crucial one for Mexico City. Jointly coordinating a team at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Loreta Castro Reguera and Manuel Perló Cohen developed an innovative approach. This programme works to integrate public space and light hydraulic infrastructures, thereby offering an alternative to the usual strategies, a proposal that won the LafargeHolcim Awards Gold for Latin America in 2017, and the Global Award Gold in 2018. Interview with Loreta Castro Reguera Entrevista con Loreta Castro Reguera Catalizador urbano El manejo del agua es un problema serio en Ciudad de México, particularmente en las zonas urbanas desfavorecidas. Loreta Castro Reguera y Manuel Perló Cohen coordinaron en forma conjunta un equipo de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México para desarrollar un enfoque innovador. Este programa sirve para integrar espacios públicos e infraestructuras hidráulicas livianas, y ofrecer así una alternativa a las estrategias tradicionales. Este proyecto obtuvo el premio de Oro en los LafargeHolcim Awards de Latinoamérica en 2017, y luego en los Global LafargeHolcim Awards en 2018. Public recognition 10 Loreta Castro Reguera Architect Co-founder of Taller Capital office Mexico City, Mexico Arquitecta Cofundadora del estudio Taller Capital Ciudad de México, México LA QUEBRADORA Location: Mexico City, Mexico Architects: Loreta Castro Reguera and Manuel Perló Cohen Awards: LafargeHolcim Awards Gold Latin America 2017 Global LafargeHolcim Award Gold 2018 Typology: Urban project Programme: Publicly-accessible water retention and treatment complex