Rural Catalyst in France

1 rural catalyst in france The users’s attachment to their heritage as well as their sheer number are responsible for greater than normal longevity. The project’s process – its conception, its construction, its management – has the be the occasion for it to anchor the ordinary heritage to the largest possible user base. Each phase is an opportunity to create new relationships with new protagonists. Companions, tenants, users or inhabitants must all find a personnal reasons to take part to the process. affections in common people 01 autumn 2018 vacant for 5 years, the barn in the center of Siewiller hosted a lot of small public events, organized by the inhabitants of the village. flea market timeline 02 summer 2019 idea competition for the perpetuation of Alsatian houses. the center of Siewiller is proposed for a project. M.Als21 03 winter 2021 beginning of the construction a neighbouring barn is used as a worksite hut. worksite installation 04 spring 2022 the renovation begins with the oldest house of the village, as a symbol of rebirth. the dependant barn becomes the house of the project, during the construction. it hosts meetings, presentation and training courses on ecological construction. to respond to urgent needs of public services, the common house is transformed immediately. the everyday life of the building offers some visibility to the project. the common house 05 spring 2023 in the middle of the village, the shared courtyard builds a link between all the differents building. it offers a place to the after-school activities for the children, 300m far away from the school itself. the shared courtyard 06 summer 2023 to respond to an old demand of several inhabitants, an outbuilding is opened and renovated. a carpenter can set up, and bring some activity in the village center. craftman's workshop 07 spring 2024 the construction of 4 modular apartments allows to add some inhabitants in the life of Siewiller. it can be intended to elderly people or to 2 family. a shared lunchroom is open on the courtyard. new housing after 5 years of waiting, the fallow property has found a new occupant ! a new family ? a new shop ? a non profit organisation ? fallow house 08 spring 2026 after few years, the renovation built a lively center for Siewiller. it has become an example of ecological renovation, where local actors of construction come to find new methods. That is all that we can hope as an happy end. what's next ? 09