Resource Circulation in France

02 RESOURCE CIRCULATION IN FRANCE Bordeaux respire PRODUCTIVE LANDSCAPE The zero-carbon objective could be envisaged simul- taneously as a micro- and macro-scope. Buildings, parcels, specific uses, districts, territories… we push boundaries to bring about the re-emergence of a more ancient geography, one where water flows through the Jalle (the Gascon word for river). Once these resources have been revealed, they are to be revered and protected. The water cycle—the presence of which is felt even more strongly—serves every field of activity, from the process of repurposing waste to the transpor- tation of goods: “L’eau-gistics» or perhaps even “lowgistics.” Waste is not only an environmental problem; it is also a resource. This project prioritizes the biodiver- sity—and even the poetry—of repurposing domestic, industrial and agricultural waste. It has essential va- lue, one that will support the future of the Bordeaux metropolis. In order to renew waste practices and to deal with carbon issues by tackling the factor 4 post-carbon city, the project associates low- and high-tech: the “geogrid,” “Information Points” and the “Jalle system” (or waterway) draw together a new landscape, as well as poetic local imaginary.