6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

95 Project authors: Marie Law Adams (1st from left) and Dan Adams (5th from left), Landing Studio, Boston, USA. Avoiding the spectacular The Holcim Awards jury North America was fascinated by the project’s vision of a “re-discovered” symbiotic urban green infrastructure able to provide a multitude of social and environmental benefits to the city. The project is the result of a participatory design process that involved different stakeholders to find shared interests and offered an opportunity for a shared investment. This approach is a decisive strength of the proposal that enhances the project’s economic viability since the requirements of multiple funding agencies and local communities are astutely considered. The jury acknowledged the impressive scientific work underpinning the proposal that makes the project highly realizable and its methodology replicable. The thorough analysis of why other revitalization attempts had failed was commendable in the context of enhancing the long-term viability of the project. All in all, through punctual strategic actions, the Charlesgate project avoids the spectacular in favor of the practical. pollinators. The river’s edge is reshaped to protect from floods, reduce erosion, and provide riparian habitat for animal and plant species. The involvement of actors from the public and private sectors ensures the economic viability of the project. “Taking into consideration the full environmental and social impacts of the highway” Marie Law Adams