6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

93 Main authors: Lola Sheppard and Mason White, Lateral Office, Toronto, Canada. Not pictured: Nicole Redvers and Wilbert Cook, Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation, Yellowknife, Canada. Further authors: Kearon Roy Taylor, Lateral Office, Toronto, Canada; Be’sha Blondin and Francois Paulette, Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation, Yellowknife, Canada. Respectful physical and visual integration The Holcim Awards jury North America greatly appreciated the authors’ ability to deeply integrate fundamental needs in terms of health assistance of the Artic Indigenous people, and deliver a convincing proposal that emerged after a 3-year-long participatory design experience. The jury was convinced that the genuine community engagement, which is a rare yet admirable effort in a design process, was key in providing the authors with the necessary instruments to conceive a building not only relevant to the community but that is also architecturally compelling. The project ultimately resulted in a forceful and attractive design concept which brilliantly succeeds in combining cultural, social and health-related services. The jury applauded the way the project aims for a respectful physical and visual integration with the territory and the landscape. spread over 1.3 million km (four times the land area of Germany) through activities related to mental wellness, traditional medicine revitalization, and elder-to-youth skills transfer. Beyond the strictly functional aspects, the shape and interior layout of the building are designed to establish a harmonious dialog with the natural context and landscape, while offering a more intimate and de-institutionalized atmosphere. Aligned with traditional construction, the AIWC is built of wood and stone, and uses a series of sustainable design strategies to provide comfortable spaces while maintaining a light energy footprint for construction and operation. “Focusing on sustainability through material selection and climate specific strategies” Lola Sheppard