6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

77 and Herzegovina, he realized how many misrepresentations of the war were circulating. To prevent the youth from a future of division and hatred, he founded Most Mira in 2005. Most Mira means “Bridge of Peace.” Kemal Pervanic had the Bosnian-British nonprofit organization registered in 2008. His latest project is the Most Mira Peace Centre. With this new cultural and meeting center, the organization aims to create a place for people in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina where new and lasting friendships can be forged across ethnic and religious boundaries. Vernes Causevic initiated “Architecture for Democracy,” a participatory education and learning program that he developed with Kemal Pervanic for Most Mira. “Architects have a social responsibility to set an example of resisting war and environmental destruction,” believes Causevic. Most Mira is a work of passion for him. It just bubbles out of him – and it’s infectious when he talks about the new cultural center or about how he found his way to the project in 2014 and how he convinced the Most Mira staff of the need for a sustainable architectural process. The war ended in 1995. How deep are the wounds still felt today? Vernes Causevic: The country is more divided now than ever. The imposed Dayton Peace Agreement is based on each of the three ethnic groups keeping to themselves. In many towns, the children go to separate “Architects have a social responsibility to set an example” Vernes Causevic