6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

76 Holcim Awards Gold 2014 Latin America: Articulated Site – Water reservoirs as public park, Medellín, Colombia Global Holcim Awar s finalist 2021 In 1992 a brutal war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina that cost an estimated 100,000 lives. It began with the breakup of Yugoslavia and was fueled by tensions between the local ethnic groups. The scars of the Bosnian War have not healed even after a quarter century. The war brought together the paths of Vernes Causevic and Kemal Pervanic. “I grew up in a multi-ethnic Yugoslav neighborhood in Sarajevo, which was transformed into a war zone almost overnight. I lived through 497 days in the besieged city and was seven years old when we were forced to leave for London,” Causevic recounts. At that time, Kemal Pervanic, then 24 years old, was imprisoned in a concentration camp where thousands of people were incarcerated. “Everyone experienced the war differently, and as bad as it may sound, it’s the driving force for both of us,” says Vernes Causevic. He and Kemal Pervanic are peace builders. Both are committed to helping people in their homeland find their way back together. University. He worked at various architectural offices in Germany and England before opening his own office in 2015, Project V Architecture, in London and later the Sarajevo branch with his partner Lucy Dinnen. They co-teach a masters design studio at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture which re-imagines Sarajevo as a laboratory for exploring alternative models of resilience for uncertain futures. Kemal Pervanic is a filmmaker and writer. After the war he received a Bachelor of Science in Management at Royal Holloway, University of London and a Master in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford in the UK and then trained as a human rights advocate at Columbia University in New York. When he first returned to Bosnia “We are peace builders” Kemal Pervanic “A war-torn house will be transformed into a lively public facility” Vernes Causevic Vernes Causevic studied architecture at the University of Nottingham in the UK and received his master’s degree and professional qualifications from London Metropolitan