6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

53 Paradigm shift in sustainable construction The problem of construction is also a problem of demolition when space is cleared for new buildings. The project team redefines the starting point of the design process: and turns demolition waste into a construction opportunity. The Holcim Awards jury Europe considered the project to exemplify a paradigm shift in sustainable construction for its systematic technique that enables the direct re-use of building elements, thereby showing how to dramatically diminish the environmental impact of the construction sector taken as a whole. The revolutionary approach to design is cleverly reconfigured: it starts with a very rational analysis of recyclable materials available locally and then builds the project from it, while still being able to produce a very original and unexpected architecture. In this sense, the jury admired the way the project shifts our understanding of aesthetic impact and beauty. The project supports the notion of a circular construction industry, providing a thoughtful sustainable solution also for the post-use phase of the building. compared to traditional buildings. Constructed so as to be easily disassembled in the future, the proposed design allows for further recycling in the future. To maximize energy autonomy, the project considers the integration of solar systems on the roof to meet operational energy requirements. “Thinking about architecture, construction and participation will have to change” Barbara Buser Main authors (from left): Kerstin Müller, Benjamin Poignon, Pascal Hentschel, Barbara Buser, and Marc Angst, baubüro in situ ag, Basel and Zürich, Switzerland. Not pictured; Michèle Brand, draftswomen, Switzerland. Further authors: Katrin Pfäffli, Preisig: Pfäffi- Architekturbüro K.Pfäffli, Zurich, Switzerland; Fachstelle nachhaltiges Bauen, Amt für Hochbauten Stadt Zürich, Switzerland.