6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

52 The project describes a building extension in which the added floors are designed to utilize the demolition waste from other construction sites. An industrial building in Winterthur, Switzerland will be repurposed to create a series of twelve units/studios. The design process starts with the collection and classification of building elements sourced from dismantling and demolition operations, and the identification of their potential for recycling. An external steel staircase, aluminium windows, metal corrugated sheets, roof insulation and photovoltaic modules are all salvaged from previous construction and given a second life. Steel beams are re-used for the new structure, old façade stone cladding is redeployed as floor tiles. Wherever it was not possible to re-use old building elements, the architects opted for natural materials including wood for structural components, straw for the wall insulation, and clay for the interior plaster. The recycling operation and adoption of low-impact materials reduces the embedded carbon footprint by about 60% Upgrade using circular material flows Winterthur, Switzerland Extending the Cycle Holcim Awards Gold 2020 Europe Global Holcim Awards Gold update page 12