6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

255 the most open and transparent way possible to communicate the ideas of the project with as many owners and residents as possible. In order to understand everyone’s needs, we had to be on site and let them participate in the process of the project. How did the locals react once the project was implemented? YZ: They liked it right from the start, and even the skeptics changed their minds. This also has to do with the fact that the locals could see very well how the place changed for the better during the very short construction period of under three months. How is the place used now? Are there also visitors from beyond the district? YZ: During the week, it’s mainly the residents who enjoy the new amenities in their daily lives. On weekends, people from other parts of the city and even from outside come to experience the change the project is bringing. Do you expect “Rejuvenation of Shajing Ancient Fair” to influence other urban projects? YZ: Of course we hope so, because we see that the locals have accepted this project and like it very much. We’re happy when we see children gathering after school or elderly people playing mah-jongg in a renovated house. We hope this project has opened the clients’ eyes as well, and that there will be more projects like this in the future. It’s possible, because we recently learned that the government has made the decision to preserve the neighborhood as a whole. Initial project submission page 218