6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

198 Holcim Awards Gold 2014 Latin America: Articulated Site – Water reservoirs as public park, Medellín, Colombia Global Holcim Awar s finalist 2021 This is another example of how our project builds on existing knowledge and develops it further. The project is progressing well. In two or three years, the center should be finished and operational. By then, Riwaq estimates that at least 20 women will be working in the eco-kitchen, 300 children will be playing on the courts, at least 50 trained workers will be able to make a living there, and four nonprofit organizations will be able to set up their offices there. “All in all, an estimated 30,000 inhabitants will benefit from our project,” Shatha Safi calculates. the thick walls. These provide cooling in summer and warmth in winter. Controlled ventilation further improves the indoor climate. Shading is provided mainly by the greenery on the site. Water management includes collecting graywater from the kitchen and restrooms. The filtered water will be used for irrigation. SS: Due to the lack of infrastructure, we are not yet able to install systems that could, for example, treat wastewater from toilets to be used for irrigation. But the people here do know how to collect rainwater. Traditional roofs are gently arched for this purpose. with traditional materials and construction methods? SS: Part of Riwaq’s concept is to train workers. By now, we have a good selection of companies that can build to our specifications. We’ve also put together manuals that we can give to potential new partner companies. It’s interesting and gratifying to see formerly untrained workers become true masters in their field. We are proud of this. It shows that our concept works. How do cooling, shading, and water management work at the new center? SM: Temperatures are regulated mainly by