6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

180 Inundation Harvest Urban flood mitigation using ancient techniques Bandar-e Kong, Iran Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize 2020 Middle East Africa Located in a dry region in southern Iran, Bandar-e Kong receives 130 millimeters rain each year, concentrated over winter into intense rainfall that leads to episodes of severe flooding. This environmental criticality is exacerbated also by the lack of adequate agricultural infrastructure and green spaces in the city that could mitigate urban flood risks. To face these problems, this project suggests the restoration of an indigenous ecological system that would help the city mitigate stormwater runoffs and harvest rainwater for drinking and gardening purposes. The sophisticated infrastructure consists of flood paths that allow rainwater to be distributed across the city – a system used until the middle of the last century and abandoned by recent urban practices. Flowing through 35 hectares of date and palm tree gardens, the rainwater channeled by the flood paths reactivates local agriculture and expands urban gardens. Water is also collected in the historic reservoirs of the city or injected into the aquifer for fur-