6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

175 ic rock that, coupled with cross ventilation enabled by small openings in the masonry walls, provides interesting bioclimatic features for thermal comfort. A light reinforced concrete structure answers stability. Wide fenestrations ensure adequate amounts of daylight while shading systems minimize direct solar incidence. A 60-ton cistern equipped with a filter allows the storage and re-use of precious rainwater in irrigation systems for the surrounding vegetation. Main author: Leão Lopes (1st from left), M_EIA/Atelier Mar, São Vicente, Cabo Verde. Further authors: Teachers and students, M_EIA/Atelier Mar, Cabo Verde. Effective low-tech design The top-down approach that is the groundwork for this proposal and its implication on the social and economic re-stabilization of the community was considered highly commendable. The Holcim Awards jury Middle East Africa praised the lowtech yet effective design and construction operations through which architecture is tied to its context, its environment and its people. Despite the adoption of traditional materials, the project shows a clear effort to introduce new design and construction methods that reflect Chã das Caldeiras people’s optimistic foresight in taking community life back into their own hands. “Producing on site by the people of the community” Leão Lopes