6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

174 Rebuilding Erupts Post-disaster community reactivation facility Chã das Caldeiras, Cabo Verde Holcim Awards Bronze 2020 Middle East Africa Chã das Caldeiras is a small community established in 1917 in the crater of the active Pico do Fogo volcano on the island of Fogo, Cabo Verde. At 1,700m asl, it is the highest village in Cabo Verde. After a disastrous eruption in 2014, the national government promoted the realization of a masterplan for a sustainable rebuilding and redevelopment of the village. As part of the plan, this project proposes an educational complex whose construction is considered to be a catalyst for the reactivation of community life. Based on a participatory approach, the school is built through the involvement of local people previously trained on specific construction techniques. On-site workshops are organized for the production of building elements, such as bricks and prefabricated slabs. The complex accounts for seven small volumes, centered around a courtyard, hosting a kindergarten, a classroom, a canteen, a washroom and storage facility as well as spaces for teachers and administration. The school is mainly built with local volcanGlobal Holcim Awards Commendation update pages 46 and 208