6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

142 Winter Summer The design proposes a compact construction that answers the demand of housing in urban areas where one of the main problems is scarcity and the high cost of land. The authors’ solution to promote urban density is a small modular system that adapts to multiple users and requirements, fits different urban morphologies and is potentially scalable from the first stage of 64m2 to fourth stage of 128m2. The internal layout voluntarily relinquishes a strong spatial hierarchy, allowing for a high degree of flexibility. The final configuration of the building is also the result of environmental design strategies that complement the infill design operation: green roof, improved thermal comfort solutions, solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems are used to minimize energy consumption while the almost exclusive use of wood makes the construction footprint quite low. One of the challenges of sustainable urban design to minimize the impact of construction activHolcim Awards Gold 2014 North America Housing Infill Regenerative and flexible urban densification Cordoba, Argentina Acknowledgement prize 2020 Latin America