6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

140 El Tepozán is a new space designed for arts and crafts education. Borne from collaboration between the architects and the Tierra Adentro Cultural Mission Foundation that owns the land, the art village provides a safe and creative environment where the people of Canalejas, 100km northeast of Mexico City can meet, work, learn and produce art. The architecture establishes a synergy with the landscape and makes the site an attractive place especially for young locals to whom new cultural and leisure opportunities are offered. The master plan of the area includes different types of buildings that vary according to site topography. The design is largely inspired by vernacular techniques that enrich the sustainability profile of the project. Traditional jagüeyes (large pools) are used to collect and distribute water, high-thermal-inertia walls can Holcim Awards Gold 2014 North America Creative Space Arts complex for youth engagement Canalejas, Mexico Acknowledgement prize 2020 Latin America