6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

137 Main authors: Carlos Hernan Betancourt Niño (right), Aldo Marcelo Hurtado Mora (left), Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos SAS, Cali, Colombia; and Fernando Sebastian Contreras Rodriguez (center), Estacion Espacial Arquitectos SAS, Barichara, Colombia. Further authors: Cristian Banderas, Paulina Jimenez, Velentina Garcia, Julian Londoño, Josman Rojas Montes, Jessica Rojas, Edier Segura, Emmanuel Viveros, Sofia Zuluaga, and David Zuñiga, Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos SAS, Cali, Colombia; and Yeison Gamba, Estacion Espacial Arquitectos SAS, Bogotá, Colombia. Affordable and exciting The Holcim Awards jury Latin America was fascinated by this smart energy-efficient rural house concept for Colombian farmers living at high altitude. Through its iconic and compelling geometry, the project proposes a sustainable and affordable way of living, mixing the domestic and vocational dimension, and creating a new sense of belonging for the community. The manner in which the design facilitates the connection between people and nature in this specific region, where weather conditions can be harsh, was considered a great asset of the project. The polycarbonate shell creates a buffer space that serves a three-fold objective: to provide an external yet enclosed living area, to enhance thermal comfort inside the building and to ensure appropriate growing conditions for vegetables. From a construction perspective, the jury appreciated the author’s choice with regard to the materials and the construction technique, which, while remaining simple and affordable, result in exciting architecture. temperatures of the region. The prototype is conceived as a flexible object that can be realized in different sizes depending on the needs of its occupants. Thanks to electricity supply coming from a solar farm, the building is energy self-sufficient. Organic waste is used as nutrient-rich compost fertilizer, rainwater is collected, and greywater is re-used. “Re-interpreting ancestral vernacular architecture” Carlos Betancourt