6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

133 Main authors: Sébastian Mejía (1st from left) and Edgar Mazo (6th from left), Connatural, Medellín, Colombia. Further authors: Gloria Aponte, Santiago Hurtado, and Louis Maria Van Asten, Connatural, Medellín, Colombia. Inspiring spatial and cultural opportunities The proposal was recognized by the Holcim Awards jury Latin America as an outstanding example of how landscape design can be the most effective way to preserve a natural environment – in this case a wetland system – and to create a dialogue with the urban fabric and its inhabitants. The project’s adroit approach to move beyond an environmental recovery intervention to include a social dimension that also recovers the identity of place was very much appreciated. The intervention remediates an ecosystem type that is vital for human survival and also upgrades the local community’s quality of life by offering inspiring spatial and cultural opportunities. Despite the large dimension of the project, the jury was very impressed by the level of detail provided in the proposal and the refinement of the landscape design. The quality of the drawings was also highly commended. are estimated to store over one-third of the world’s terrestrial carbon and their destruction has nefarious consequences at a planetary scale. “Establishing a symbiotic relationship between wetlands and urban development” Sébastian Mejía