6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

132 The landscape design proposal for an intervention in the Jaboque wetland in Bogotá recuperates a very delicate area of transition between the urban fabric and the natural ecosystem. The consolidation of the 157,000m2 wetland is achieved via a 5.5km-long linear park that integrates recreational and natural areas, and also offers educational opportunities for the community. The selection of plants for the landscape is determined by each species’ impact on the ecosystem and ability to strengthen wetland flora and the fauna. The urban, environmental and landscape project thereby creates a live botanical collection that restores the ancestral values of plants that were made invisible by the trauma of colonization, while also contributing to the food security and economic viability of local populations. Beyond the benefits provided in the local context, the Jaboque Territory project also delivers a broader environmental contribution since wetlands Wetland Vitality Landscape design for environmental recovery Bogotá, Colombia Holcim Awards Gold 2020 Latin America Global Holcim Awards Silver update page 22