6th Holcim Awards 2020/21

131 network is ideal for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. Seating areas and a dog park round out the planned facilities. The proposed budget for the Charlesgate project is striking: USD 80 million seems exorbitant for a park of this size. Much of it will be spent on fitting the new Charlesgate into the existing infrastructure, creating connections, building new bridges, and repairing old ones. Funding for the project comes from a number of sources. The Department of Transportation is bearing the lion’s share. The Charlesgate Alliance and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, which initiated the project, are in the process of tapping additional funding sources. The Department of Conservation and Recreation is also doing its part, as is a city initiative called the Community Preservation Act, which provides a portion of tax dollars for projects of this type. The Solomon Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation, and the Boston Red Sox Foundation have also contributed funds. Other sponsors are being sought. Thus, the Charlesgate project is broad-based also in terms of funding. A little patience is still needed, however. Initial work will begin in 2021, with the larger works scheduled for 2023. Ultimately, Charlesgate should shine in renewed splendor in 2026. Initial project submission page 94